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The ‘Holy Grail’ of Weight Loss Pills Is Here, Or Is It?

Ok let's start with what its called.

Lorcaserin or Belviq

In a randomised, international controlled trial worked with 12,000 overweight and obese participants over the course of 40 months and found those who took the weight loss drug lost an average of 2.8kg more than those taking the placebo pill.


Well, according to the study's researchers, it works by stimulating brain chemicals to give a feeling of fullness.

So you're like where do I get it, right?

But lets stop just for a second and dig a little deeper....

GP Dr Gill Jenkins states;

'Locaserin is a new drug whose action centrally on the hypothalamic 5HT system in the brain has been shown to lead to a small degree of weight loss.'

'However, the side effects of lorcaserin are related to valvulopathy of the heart (mitral regurgitation), possible increased systolic arterial pulmonary hypertension and depression, and a possible increase in the risk of cardiovascular events. It is vital to understand the side effects of lorcaserin before we approve the widespread use.' 

So it does more harm than good, not for you ladies and wait it costs up to £2,700 a year.

Also the test subjects were put under a controlled diet with mild exercise. Therefore could the results be the switch up from not eating right and not exercising to a controlled plan? More than likely.....

But you sell a Burner Linda?

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So back to the reason for this article.. Don't believe everything you read about MIRACLE pills.

Linda x


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