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I am so proud to say BOOTYFIT has its very own!

She looks like the most beautiful delicate little lady but under that surface exterior lies a BEAST..  and she has accepted to be our very own Bootyfit Girl.. 

She has truly became her very own SUPER HERO.. and hero to so many more.. 

Here Joda tells her story on how she dealt with being a single mum, having a terrible relationship with food to now being an absolute inspiration to all woman out there who think it impossible to change and be the person they dream of being.. 

Joda is living proof..

You can BE MORE...

by being YOU!


After having my two beautiful daughters, Tara who is now 13 and Tamzen 11,  I decided for the first time in my life I wanted to get serious about fitness for my physical and mental health AND I HAVE NEVER LOOKED BACK.. 

I used to have a terrible relationship with food. I grew up in a generation where it was seen to be glamorous and attractive to be super model cat walk skinny. Pictures of super slim models and celebrities in magazines.

Times have changed, being, looking fit and strong at the moment are fashionable, I hope that this is more than a fashion, I hope that people adopt this for life, as I have. 

Having two young girls myself I have the duty of bringing them up the best I can, I want them to be happy, fit and healthy. So I lead my life by example.. I wanted to share my passion with everyone and the best way to do this was become a personal trainer and to support as many people as possible every day in trying to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle before this I worked within a school for kids with additional support needs. I loved my job and I now get the opportunity to do similar work within schools. 

I keep things very simple in my training and nutrition and when training and supporting others, train hard and eat healthy. 

My Journey began when I joined the local boxing gym. I told people of my plans, they said if I was to go into a boxing gym I would get laughed out the place. Having lost confidence in myself and my fitness after having children this was the last thing I needed to hear but I went along anyway..

This was the major catalyst to my life changing..

I went 3 nights a week and ran in between. I kept my head down and trained hard, being told I couldn't do it made me even more determined to show that I could. 

My boxing journey took my fitness to another level, I was selected for Boxing Scotland's First Women's Training Team, I never got to fight for Scotland during this time but I gained so much experience and my confidence was starting to come back. I used boxing and fitness as my therapy and after a few years of boxing training I decided to move away from boxing as at that point I wasn't getting any fights due to the lack of lighter weight women in the sport back then. 

I then put my fitness to good use and started to run competitively in Obstacle Races and while doing so met my amazing fiancé John. I won my first Spartan Race in 2013, I couldn't believe it, I had never won anything other than equestrian sports when I was younger. I was never any good at sports at school, this shows that you are never to old to start. 


After a few years of Obstacle, hill, road and trail Races I decided I would give body Building a go. Never in a million years did I think this was something I would be able to do but I wanted to challenge my inner doubts and prove to myself I was good enough. I did better than I could ever of imagined, between 2016 and this year I got a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in bikini.

I still competed successfully in Obstacle Races, marathons, ultra marathons, trail Races, hill Races and Road Races while training for my bikini competitions.

It was during my bikini journey that I met the amazing Linda, she is the beauty and the brains behind Bootyfit. She is also a bikini champion that helped me with my posing and training while doing bikini, she is the most caring and helpful person and the most amazing mum to her two gorgeous daughters. Life isn't easy for us single mums, but great things happen when we support each other. 

While doing all this I also started my company Tartan Warrior with my fiancé John in 2014. Tartan Warrior is an Obstacle Race training and events company. We did this as we are both hugely passionate about fitness for the whole family and making fitness fun and for all ages and abilities. We had over 900 racers at our last event, Tartan Warrior is going from strength to strength and we love being able to provide a family friendly fitness event for the whole family.

Our next event is on the 15th of October and we can't wait to see all our racers take on the course.

Still time to sign up..

My new challenge for this year has been to get back to the boxing. This has and continues to be my hardest challenge to date both mentally and physically. I am fit for a novice boxer and it frustrates me that my skill level is not the same standard as my fitness, I just need to keep working at it and trust the process.

I now have my first competitive fight under my belt, I won but didn't get the decision this time. Which is the way the world works sometimes but I will not let it stop me..

I train in the best gym with the best coaches at Sparta, they always have my back. So I will see where this new journey takes me..

I am absolutely honoured to be an ambassador for Bootyfit and I hope to help and inspire as many other women to be the best they can be through a fit, healthy and positive lifestyle. 

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  • You are the most amazing daughter a mum could wish for. Beautiful inside and out

    Joyce bisio

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