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Are you all fed up with starting over again on a Monday morning and then giving up by the Tuesday night.. 


When I was younger I could never complete anything I started.. Most of the time I wouldn’t even start because I didn’t believe I could do it or I would quit right before I was about to finish. This really knocked my confidence because I never achieved anything.. 


Its not easy to change, if it was everyone would do and be the best they could be. 


I always wanted to blame people or circumstances for me giving up all the time. 


So when I decided to take FULL responsibility for my life and stopped blaming others or things that have happened to me.. This is when my life began to CHANGE.. 


Taking responsibility for myself was a big CHALLENGE but the biggest CHALLENGE to date has been deciding to actually be nice to myself.. 


Only speak kind words about myself to myself.. and this has definitely made the biggest impact on my life.. I realised it doesn’t matter what others said or thought about me, it only mattered what I thought.  


If I wanted to change I would need to believe in myself which I know is one of the hardest things to ever do.  


So I started to give myself challenges making sure I completed them and they weren’t all little challenges.. 


One of them was to run the Edinburgh Marathon with my best friend.. we trained for months and we honestly couldn’t have done it without each other.. I loved it.. the confidence it gave me was unbelievable.


I ran this with a purpose though.. for my Amazing cousin who had just passed away with a brain tumour.. 


I done it for him because I COULD.. 


One of my reason I want to be the best person I can because of the people I love who haven’t got the chance to anymore. 


So I found a reason, a purpose to help give me the drive I needed to change my life. 


I used the negative in my life to be the driving force for everything I done.


So from then I continually gave myself challenges and every step I took I gained more n more confidence in myself.. 


Of course I get scared and doubt myself but now I would never let it stop me.. I stop and check myself, In fact it drives me to prove the old me wrong..


I know its hard to stick to something if you don’t have a goal to focus on.  


I always work better if I have a goal or focus.. this is why I competed in fitness competitions.. 


I thrive on challenges.. 



When you challenge yourself, Your body, heart and mind.. thats when change occurs.. 



I love seeing the change in my body it drives me to push myself harder.. but the most important thing is the change in my mindset. 


The ripple effect on my life from that has been unbelievable. It hasn’t been an over night change, It took me a long time but I just kept going


I took small steps daily.. 


I was consistent, I was disciplined and I believed.





  1. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY - Stop blaming others or your circumstances in life for the things you just don’t do.. You are in control of your mind and body. No one else is.. ONLY YOU! 
  2. SPEAK ONLY KIND WORDS - When you speak to anyone, only speak with kind, positive words ESPECIALLY TO YOURSELF.  Watch how your attitude changes and you will see how others react to you also.
  3. CHALLENGES - Find yourself some challenges, something you can focus on and you are able to achieve daily, weekly, monthly. Build on your confidence with every step.
  4. GOAL - Figure out what your goal is.. write it down and work on it every single day. Whether its for 10 minutes or 10 hours. Consistent action is the key to making some amazing changes.
  5. YOUR WHY - If there is anything that can drive you.. its this. What is your why, is it your children, to make your family proud or is it because you know life is for living having lost someone you loved. Whatever your why is write it down and look at the every single day.
  6. MENTOR - If you can find someone who has already achieved what you are looking to achieve, someone that you can learn from.  Who can show you the ropes and guide you. 
  7. BELIEVE - This is so important, because if you don’t believe its never going to happen.. You have to believe without any doubt that things are going to get better and that you will achieve whatever your mind believes.





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