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The 7 Day "It Can't Be That Easy" Weight Loss Boost

We all want a quick fix to feeling great, losing pounds and dropping those naughty inches, but think it all seems a little too tough, right?

What if I could you give you the "It can't be that easy" kick start?

And honestly it is easy.

Plus it will make your booty feel and look great.

Here it is; the little trick I use with my clients and also on myself..

Cut out these 5 foods/drinks:

  • Dairy - Milk, cheese, yogurt etc..
  • Pasta - Effectively milk, butter and flour..
  • Fizzy Drinks - If cola can take rust from a coin what will it be doing to your insides.
  • White Bread - Bloats you easily and sits on your hips, not good!
  • Coffee - It stops the natural detoxification of liver.

Try this for 7 days and see how you feel..

...Just 7 days.

As Nike say... JUST DO IT!

And tell me in 7 days how you fell x



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