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The $100,000,000 detox trend with a dirty little secret!


If you make green juices you know it takes forever to buy the fruit, juice it up and then clean the juicer.

But you'll also know the benefits of juicing are amazing - Weight Loss, Detoxifying, Increased Energy, More Nutrients, Strengthen Immune System, Supports Strong Bones, Antioxidant, Helps lower Cholesterol, Supports Reducing The Effects Of Asthma and Eczema, Improve Mental Clarity And Focus, Promotes Clear Radiant Skin and the list goes on...

So you know you need to be juicing!

We have made getting all these benefits 100 x faster with zero mess, because simply we needed a quicker and easier option.

We Have Packed 35 Weight Loss Boosting Detoxifying Super Foods Into One Glass!

Now You Can Get All Your Healthy Superfoods Needs In One Super Simple Easy To Drink Greens Powder.

And wait, this actually tastes good!

Say HELLO to EarthsTreats SUPER GREENS the fastest way to get every single benefit of juicing with no fuss, no mess and no cleaning.

Click the image below to get yours now x

Earths treats Super Green Detox Powder

Earths treats Super Green Detox Powder two

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