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Meet the amazing Linda.


Linda is a beautiful young lady who is out there living life, making the most of every moment and inspiring woman from all walks of life..


She works hard on herself and at making a difference in the world that she knows.


I just want to show some appreciation to Linda for all the amazing work she does to help woman feel and look the best they can.


ANDDDD she’s absolutely Gorgeousssssss!


What was your biggest reason to get into fitness?


I have danced since ever I could walk and always loved it. I love keeping fit however When I started university and then went on to get a full time job dancing had to take a bit of a back seat as my dance class times didn’t fit around my university classes and then I started to travel with my job. It was then I started in the gym. 


Where else has this journey taken you?


I have had loads of amazing experiences in different training environments and gyms. From gyms in NYC and London and various gyms in Scotland I love experiencing different training styles and developing my own knowledge. I recently attended the first UK ZUU Fitness Summit where people from all over the world attended including the Founder Nathan Helberg (Australian). It was a fantastic day and I met some of the most inspirational people. Ps if you don’t know what ZUU Fitness is you need to look it up


Where does your motivation come from?


Are we 100% motivated all of the time? Probably not however I can honestly say 98% of the time I don’t find it a struggle to workout and I think that’s due to the fact I have made it a very social thing to do. I am so lucky that I am surrounded by some of the best women in the gym who all motivate each other. Plus how good do you feel after a workout? 


What pushes you when you aren’t motivated?


I love how working out makes me feel I can’t say I have ever regret a work out and that really keeps me motivated. As I mentioned before my social circle in the gym can have a huge impact on my motivation too. There are a group of 13 women age from 25 - 60 and we all attend the gym at 6am - ‘The Early Burds’. They are all such inspirational women and we all help each other out. We go walks, runs, do workouts together and kick each other’s booty’s via WhatsApp when someone doesn’t make it. Those ladies definitely help my motivation!


How important is it to you that woman encourage each other as much as possible?


Women supporting other women is so important to me and I really believe when it happens incredible things come from it. I love to see other women succeed and particularly in starting my own business it has been incredible to see the support from other girls. We are a powerful bunch and stronger in numbers. If women stick together we can achieve anything.


What does your training regime involve?


My training is very much strength based training both with weights and body weight  through my ZUU training. I workout around 5 times a week and like to try and take time to work extra on stretching etc. (Throwback to the dancing days) 

I love spin classes and walking too.



What’s your eating regime like?


I have a very balanced diet - everything in moderation. I have done all or most of the fad diets under the sun and quite honestly they make you miserable. I am lucky that I enjoy healthy food, I love veg and always try to base my meals around good protein sources (fish and chicken mainly) a huge portion of veg and good carbs to ensure I have energy for my workouts. I also love chocolate so don’t eliminate this from my diet either - you’ve got to keep sweet right? 😋


Whenever out you feel like a cheeky cheat meal, what would you have?


Cheat meals aren’t something I really dont ever think of any foods as being off limits however some naughty treats I LOVE would be;


  • Chocolate tiffin
  • Burgers - good proper burgers in a brioche bun
  • Steak dinner but with all the extras
  • Ice cream
  • Scone with clotted cream and jam 


What is your biggest achievement so far?


Quitting a job I hated to peruse my passion as a Personal Trainer .


What advice would you give someone thinking of beginning training?


Do it, do it, do it and don’t be scared! 99% if the time people in gyms are loveky and honestly, really don’t mind helping others out. 

Most importantly though, find a method of training YOU love! Don’t force yourself through hours of training you hate because A) it wont be sustainable and B) it’s just not worth it.


What’s your favourite body part?


Hmm... why do us women always find this question so hard to answer about ourselves!

I would go for my bum! From going from hating my bum and legs because they were always ‘bigger’ than everyone’s now I love them! 


Why do you love Bootyfit? 


When you find leggings that hug you in all the right places you know it’s a winner and that’s exactly what happend with my first bootyfit pair! Plus... when it’s an inspirational, bad ass gal running the show empowering women to feel good all over the place that’s my kind of brand.


Instagram - @lindamurrayfitness


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