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Meet Bootyfit Beauty Jen

Meet the Gorgeous Jen..

Jen is an absolute inspiration and I just had to share her little story with you..

This mother of one handsome son.. works hard every day to teach her son that woman can be strong and powerful..

She motivates and inspires woman from all walks of life..

And to top it off she is a WBFF PRO...

So we've asked Jen a few questions....

What was your biggest reason to get into fitness?

I was always very active growing up- as a competitive swimmer and dancer, being fit and following a training routine was part of my life from a young age. Following University I had gained a little weight and was uncomfortable with the changes in my body. From that point I started attending classes at my local gym and fell in love with fitness all over again.


How did this lead into body building?

After the birth of my son I decided to do my qualification to teach group fitness. I loved it, and felt that exercise was my outlet for any stress. A friend mentioned that I had the perfect foundations of a figure competitor- and that was the start!! I sought out a coach and began a more structured training regime with my competition date in sight. 


Where does your motivation come from?

I am motivated and inspired by so many people. My parents for their dedication and drive to be successful, my son who keeps me motivated to be the best version of myself and so many strong women who show up and put the work in spite of any negativity or jealousy.


What pushes you when you aren’t motivated?

On days when I’m lacking motivation I think of all my blessings, and how fortunate I am to have the chance every day to be active and motivate others..... even if I inspire or motivate one person each day, that keeps me going


How important is it to you that woman encourage each other as much as possible?

There’s so much negativity and bitchiness between women nowadays, with the presence of social media we’re constantly comparing and being compared to one another. We need to acknowledge that nobody is perfect- lots of things can be air brushed, but you can’t air brush a good soul and a stunning personality. If every woman made the effort to encourage one another and stop being critical of themselves- the way we all feel would change for the better.

What does your training regime involve?

During competition prep my training regime is pretty solid- daily cardio and hard, heavy training sessions 6 days a week usually following a push/Pull/legs split with a rest day in between. Currently I’m in training for nothing other than life! I try to run outdoors 5 days and I walk everywhere!! I focus on lower body training 2 days in the week and 3-4 days I’m currently doing upper body circuit work.

Whats your eating regime like?

I always eat well. I love good, nutritious food and always fill my plate with lots of greens. Currently I’m not counting my macros, I’m eating according to my appetite but I do try to keep carbs around my training sessions and I allow myself a cheat meal once a week.

When you feel like a cheeky cheat meal, what would you have?

I used to dream about pizza every week for a cheat meal when I first started dieting for competitions, but now to be honest that type of food makes me feel terrible. Usually I’ll have a nice steak with sweet potato fries or a curry, but I always have some kind of desert as a treat :-)

What is your biggest achievement so far?

Earning my WBFF Pro status in November 2017

What advice would you give someone thinking of beginning training?

Seek a trainer who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. There are so many PTs out there but a very small number actually practice what they preach. Also, be patient- Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Whats your favourite body part?

In competitions I’d say my delts are my strongest body part- but as a woman, this is the part I hate when shopping for nice clothes! I’m proud of how I’ve improved my hamstrings and glutes.... so I’d say that’s my favourite part!

Why do you love Bootyfit?

I love the style and comfort of bootyfit- easy to go from Gym to Starbucks in style :-) 


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